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Pathfinder Tonopah Q2 Update

Pathfinder Tonopah’s mine in Tonopah, Nevada is starting the process to enter a definitive feasibility study later this year.

Pathfinder Tonopah is the first on the historic site to identify the silver contained within the supergene copper resource. Mineral and Process Solutions (MPS) is conducting test work on project samples to enhance copper and silver recoveries. To support this, TonaTec was contracted to commence a 4kft metallurgical drilling program. The fresh ore will be used for more metallurgical testing and flow sheet development.

Our team continues working with Blue Coast Research to further understand and quantify and delineate ore types at the property. Work to date by Blue Coast and MPS indicates two major copper ore types that have slightly different performances in leach tests, and ongoing work will help determine the spatial distribution of these ore types.

Independent Mining Consultants (IMC) is working on a global resource update using historic drill data. Over the last year the team has audited the model and resampled the pulps. The resource update will be completed after the metallurgical work provides appropriate recovery numbers.

SRK and Piteau are conducting gap analyses in the areas of hydrogeology, geochem and pit lake to feed overall understanding of the complex to help to feed feasibility planning as well as related permitting objectives.

This quarter a LiDAR survey was completed over a portion of the property to collect detailed topographic information for engineering the future PV array, as well as provide surface information for the ongoing and future site development.

Pathfinder has advanced the solar program and is now in NV Energy’s System Impact Study phase of the Large Generator Injection Request. The team is working on clearing the permits on the private land through the permitting process and has a 30% engineering design of a future PV array of up to 350MW for injection and behind the meter service.

Pathfinder Tonopah is developing the largest scale copper and molybdenum mine using renewable energy in North America. The project aims to set the benchmark for efficient and sustainable mining practices.

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